RIVIERA, Feldbergstrasse 43
CH 4057 Basel / T +41 61 534 29 14
Di - Fr 13.00 - 18.30 / Sa 12 - 18.00 Uhr
Aufregende europäische Designer, Nachwuchslabels & Einzelstücke.
Fashion, Classics, Taschen, Schmuck und Accessoires.
Für euch stilbewusste Frauen und Männer.


transformed holiday memories handmade in Germany since 1995.
From the beginning on A2 looked to produce eco friendly, using specially recycled materials. They work in a collective and human setting and source what is needed nearby and try for as much local content as possible. Working in a very small town in Rhein Main – Kleestadt has proven to be not bad at all! It is about friends and the team, a good mood & to capture the good moment. A2 is often invited by friends & companies to work on special projects. That’s why they keep their doors open and invite musicians & all kinds of artists to create something together… A2 stands for premium collection and collaborations.

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